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The Last Supper

semi-overcast 15 °C

The whole family at mom and dads having dinner, steak... humm soo good! And some how I don't think we will be eating much steak well AAA beef were we are headed!

Over and out.

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Take Off

6 Hours to Go

overcast 7 °C

Cannot believe it departure day is here! Dad is already at home and I am still at work just finishing some last minute things. Headed to London tonight! Get to see the family in Piccadilly Circus for lunch tomorrow!

Mentally preparing myself for the 36 hour journey to Kathmandu.


Wish us luck!

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Arrived in Nepal

sunny 30 °C

We are in Kathmandu for a couple of days before our flight to Lukla and the beginning of our trek.

Good thing because the trip here was brutal, 8 hrs overnight to London England, 10 hours in London, 8 hrs overnight to Delhi India, a short 2 hr connection, an hour & half delay on our 1 1/2 hour flight to Kathmandu. So that adds up to 31 hours I believe!

Today is Monday and we are going to have a leisurely day here going to Asian Treking (the local tour company) picking up some supplies and touring the ex-royal-palace.

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Nap Time

30 °C

Today has been adventurous one of the first things out of the gate that we saw was a goat being sacrificed practically in the middle of the road! Unfortunately we were driving too fast the get a picture...

We met the clan at Asian Trekking had a very nice visit there. Then headed out to see a man about a carpet and pick up some things we needed, one being a SIM 99 RS and it is 83 rupee to a dollar so you do the math.... Cheap cheap. Getting it was more complicated than getting a Visa here. They needed a copy of my passport, a passport photo (had an extra one from my Mexico Visa thought it might come in handy lol) the name of the company I work for, my address, my fathers name and GRANDFATHERS name!!! Don't tell grandpa and lastly my finger prints both thumbs! But we are connected now!

Then wondered around by the hotel (Yak and Yeti) and found the Sherpa Adventure Gear store that has lots of good stuff we might need. Dad and I both got a new Tshirt.

Now dad is having a rest and we are going to dinner in a few hours.

Greetings from Kathmandu

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More Kathmandu

More shopping

sunny 27 °C

This is our second full day in Kathmandu. We went to a shopping district called Tamal today. I bought a book called Touching the Void by Joe Simpson on Byron's recommendation. We also went to a very large bookstore called Pittman's.

Sarah met up with Byron & Karen who were having lunch with Sarah Hillary, daughter of Sir Edmund.

Having another good nights rest to prepare for the trek.


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Flying to Lukla Today

The real start of the trek


Up before the sun pickup at the hotel at 6am flight leaves at 7:15

We are excited!!!

We are not sure of the Internet access up the valley so bear with us until the next posting.

Chris & Sarah

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Lukla to Phakding

They are trying to break us in slowly as our first day was downhill sort of, lots of ups and downs but went from 9,000 ft to 8,500 ft.

Tried to post some pictures which did not work and this is the second time I posted this entry!

More tomorrow gotta hit the sack. Our down sleeping bags are good because the room temp is the same as outside!!! 11 C

OK got the picture upload working now and am somewhat happier but the pictures don't appear with the posts!?!?!

The Lukla airport pics are obvious, the pic by the river with the blue-roofed buildings, was our first night stay - 11 C

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Lukla, Nepal airport

The Lukla Airport is pretty scary, it's on a side of a mountain literally at 9,000 ft, with a 300 ft elevation difference from end to end.

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Phakding to Namche Bazaar

Byron says this will be our hardest day and two others not so hard. We went from 8,500 ft to 11,160 ft. We are now having 2 days rest for acclimatization. At times it was a gruelling slog up. We crossed 4 or 5 suspended bridges. The scenery is awesome but it will only get better the farther we go in.

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Nepal lifestyle

There are many things that are so far removed from our lifestyle like the porters carrying 30 - 60 kg loads, but those same porters have cell phones and are listening to the radio with either their phones or iPods !!! Also many school kids on their cell phones walking the trails.

There are no cars anywhere in the valley all there really is are foot paths, many of them straight up or straight down!

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Namche to Khumjung

all seasons in one day

Today we hiked to Khumjung from Namche (4 hrs). Today was our first view of Everest from just above Syanboche airport. We also stopped at the appropriately named Everest View Hotel, $200 per night, no running water, but a view to kill for! After tea we hiked to Khumjung and checked into our deserted lodge, we were the only ones staying there.

While we were having lunch we visited the school which was started in 1961 by Sir Edmund and his brother Rex. The Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation of Canada provides funds to the school.

We then went to the Khunde Hospital and met up with Dr. Kami. This hospital is fully funded by the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation of Canada and provides basic health care to the region.

Then we went to our guide Lakpa’s house and met his mother and one of his sons.

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Khumjung to Tengboche

all seasons in one day

This was quite the hike today, straight down, across the river and then straight up. Elevation at this point is 12,440 ft. The lodge we stayed at was the best in town, but …….. limited amenities. Whereas the last place we stayed we were the only ones, this place was full and there were 52 people staying there.

We also had an audience with the Rimboche (the high priest of the monastery there) . He is 79 years old now and has been at the monastery since he was 5 years old. Also our guide’s son is a monk there and we met him.

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Tengboche to Dingboche

Sarah was happy to leave the lodge at Tengboche. One time I came back to the room and asked Sarah to sanitize my whole body! Mum would not have liked it!

We had a longer day on the trail but was not quite as strenuous, ending up at 14,400 ft elevation. We are staying here for 2 days to acclimatize.

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overcast 10 °C

We are on our second acclimatization day in Dingboche.

This lodge is spotless compared to the last place, actually no comparison. The rooms are clean and we have a HOT shower! The food generally is really good everywhere. They grow a lot of potatoes and we can get french fries at every stop. They also do a lot of noodles and spaghetti is a common item we consume!

In the lodge we have met two summit teams and have had interesting conversations with everyone. We also met a nice Indian family whose father had summited in 2004 from the Tibet side and is here with his wife and 7 year old son.

We have not had internet for a few days and the cell phone here is intermittent. We are posting these message from a nice internet café in Dingboche. We will probably not be able to post until we get back here. The plan from here is to head to Loboche Thursday and Kala Pattar Friday and Base Camp the next day. That’s the plan anyway all dependant on the weather.

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snow 1 °C

After our 2 days rest acclimatizing we are off to higher elevation in Lobuche. It was really cold and snowing and snowed most of the day!
We caught up to the other Hillary Foundation Group just after we left. We motored right by them and stopped for tea in Dhugla.

We then made our way through a big rock field and at the top is Memorial Hill. Everyone that died on Everest has a memorial here. Our guide Lhakpa's father died in 1970 working for a Japanese summit team and we visited his churung.

We stayed at the Himalayan Eco Lodge and it was jam packed. The elevation here is 16,164 ft. We are feeling good still. Our estimated hiking time today was 5 hours and we made it in 3 1/2 hours! Sarah thought it was like being on the Amazing Race! That's when we started calling her Sherpa Sarah.

When we unpacked our bags in Lobuche Zach discovered that the Aunt Jemimas syrup exploded in his bag! So a big cleanup job ensued. Also Byron's big Heinz ketchup bottle is half full at this point. We were carrying the emergency ketchup supply in the 3 small jars we brought from our lunch in London with Jan & Rob (Rose's sister and brother-in-law).

It was 300 rupees per hour to charge batteries, 400 rupees for a hot shower, but it is too cold to shower as it was only 12 C in the heated common room. There was a girl playing cards with her father with her gloves on. Sarah was wearing 2 wool long sleeve shirts and a fleece hoodie under her jacket, her wool long johns and her hat!

Hoping for clear weather tomorrow. When we get to Gorak Shep, if the weather is clear we will climb Kala Patar, if not we will go to base camp.

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